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Recently I have been in the market for a new kitchen chandelier. I still liked the original one, but unfortunately it had been exposed to some extra-hot light bulbs which burned the inside drum leaving some unsightly brown spots. I have 7 steps that I use to help me with the selection process. This helps to narrow down the vast selection of options that are available, and these are the steps for how to choose the right overhead light fixture for my room.

我的厨房枝形吊灯带灯泡燃烧标记| How To Choose The Right Overhead Light Fixture


问题1 - 灯具将在哪里安装?

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Chandelier in the dining room

The first step to help you choose the right ceiling fixture may seem a little obvious. Where will the light fixture be installed? Is it going to be a single fixture in the middle of the great room ceiling, a light over the tub in the bathroom, multiple lights over a kitchen island or a statement fixture over the dining room table?

The answer will probably have an effect on the type of lighting…vaulted great room ceilings usually look best with large fixtures that help fill in the space.

Bathroom lighting (especially over tubs and showers) requires water-resistant fixtures that meet building code standards.

Kitchen fixtures are exposed to grease, so you probably want something that is easy to clean.

和餐厅设备通常用于添加ambiance to the room so you might want something with crystals that will help diffuse the light. Think about the location where your light fixture is going to make sure you have considered the requirements for the space.


问题2 - 灯具将用于什么?

Light fixture in the stairway | How To Choose The Right Light Fixture | www.fromh2h.com
Light fixture over the stairway

Figuring out what the light will be used for helps to determine what style of light you want.


For task lighting, you want something that will focus most of the light on the task at hand…could be a one bulb fixture that can be pointed in the direction that you need the light to go, and takes at least a 100 Watt bulb.

If it is to provide ambiance, you might be more concerned with the look of the light fixture than how many watts of light it will put out.

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Question 3 – How close to the ceiling is the light fixture?

选择灯具时考虑天花板高度| How To Choose The Right Light Fixture | www.fromh2h.com


A light in the middle of a room with 8 foot ceilings will likely need to be a flush mount or semi-flush mount so that people can walk underneath it without worrying about hitting their heads. In the same room, a chandelier or pendant would work just fine installed over a large table or island (where people cannot walk). The rule of thumb is that the bottom of a pendant installed over a table or island should be 30″ to 36″ above the surface to provide adequate light and not block the view across the room.

Another potential deciding factor is the slope of the ceiling. If your ceiling is flat, you are not limited in selection, however if you have a sloped ceiling (like in my kitchen), you must find a fixture that will work with sloped ceilings. This pretty much eliminates flush mount and most semi-flush mount fixtures. And if you buy recessed lighting, make sure to get the kind that rotates so that you can point the light in the right direction. Some pendants that have wires instead of chains will also be off the list since the wires will not hang properly if the ceiling is on an angle.

Ceiling Fixture Types

Recessed Lighting– Installed into the ceiling and does not hang down into the room at all (these require holes to be cut into the ceiling drywall if you don’t have recessed lights already installed).

Flush Mount- 安装在天花板高度,仅悬挂几英寸。这些通常在具有8英尺或更低天花板的房间中使用,因为它们不会干扰试图穿越空间的人们。

半浮动坐骑- 基本上与冲洗安装座相同,但固定装置又向下悬挂在房间中,因此,它们的高度可能是8英寸或4英寸,而不是8英寸或10英寸的高度。他们增加了更多的戏剧性,并且经常在没有链条的情况下以枝形吊灯状的形状出现。

Chandelier or Pendant Lighting– These fixtures hang from a chain or wires, and include the hanging length as well as the fixture height to determine how far into the room they extend.

Track Lighting– Installed on a track at ceiling height and the fixtures are hooked onto the track. These fixtures can either be close-to-the ceiling or pendants depending on where you have installed the track.

问题4 - 灯具应该有多大?

灯具应适合房间的大小| How To Choose The Right Light Fixture | www.fromh2h.com

Decide how wide and tall the light fixture should be. Generally, larger rooms require larger fixtures (or multiple smaller ones) to look in proportion with the room. If you are installing a chandelier over a table, the width of the chandelier should be at least 12″ smaller than the width of the table to prevent people from hitting it when they stand up.

问题5 - 灯具应该是什么颜色或饰面?

Decide on the fixture color


问题6 - 您想要哪种风格的固定装置?

Choose the style of fixture


问题7 - 您要购买哪个灯具?

购买您喜欢的固定装置!| How To Choose The Right Light Fixture | www.fromh2h.com

Once you have figured out the answers to all of these questions, you can use your decisions to help you choose the right overhead light fixture for your room. A lot of lighting web sites will have the fixtures categorized by style, color/finish, type and size, so you can easily filter the list. Then look for ones that you love and (of course) fit your budget…you should be able to narrow the choices down to a manageable list and pick one that you will make you happy every time you walk in the room!

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  2. Jan says:

    Is there a rule of thumb with shape? Does a round light hang over a round table; a rectangular over a rectangle? An oval over an oval table?

    1. Wanda says:

      Hi Jan…Round light fixtures can be used pretty much anywhere…since they’re the most common shape, they are available in pretty much all styles and sizes. If you have a really long rectangular or oval table, you might want to hang 2 round light fixtures, one towards each end of the table. I probably wouldn’t put a rectangular or oval light fixture over a round table (the proportions wouldn’t look right in most cases). However, you could put a rectangular or oval light fixture over either a rectangular or oval table. As long as the fixture is the right size (about 6 to 12 inches smaller than the width of the table) and style for the room, either would work. Hope this helps!